Education & Career
Mt Sierra College
- 2018

3 Years of experience at graduation???

Ever seen this posting? Jr. Graphic Designer Needed. Required: Bachelor's degree, 3 Years experience, knows the entire adobe suite front to back, complete understanding of assembly syntax and starting pay is minimum wage. I see job ads like this all the time and sadly I was, kind of, apart of the problem. By the time I graduated from Mt Sierra I had 3 years of experience, built an app that was published on google's and apple's market and had my own interns.

I am not trying to say other student's were slackers. Those job "requirements" are completely unreasonble. I worked hard sure, but I was also very lucky. During my 2nd year, Mt Sierra wanted their own app on the market and the professor they asked to build it recommended me instead.

I am going to be real transparent here, he didnt choose me because I was the best for the job he just didn't want to do it. So I was like "fuck it" why not. If I failed then oh well I am just a student, but if I succeeded, it would look amazing on my portfolio. So, I built it.

Learning as I go, I built that monster in six months, by myself. Now I never want build an app again, by myself. The app was made to help currents students schedule their classes and potential students see the courses Mt Sierra offered. This accomplish was the start of acquiring several different job titles while working at Mt Sierra.

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