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Web Design & Development

I design, update, and maintain functionality of websites by manually coding or a using content management systems.

Application Development

I develop, update & maintain mobile applications through Adobe PhoneGap and Cordova.

Graphic Design

I design, illustrate & edit. Designing websites is second nature to me.

SEO & Analytics

I cut down jargan for everyone to understand.


Ask me anything about printing. Whether it be CORRECTLY printing business cards, posters or brochures, you name it, I can do it.


Provide professtional photography & video for graduations, weddings, ceremonies, etc.


About Me

Windows 98 Paint to Adobe Creative Cloud

I took a digital imaging class in high school. It was probably the only good decision I made back then, to be honest. But let's not get into that.

From there, I taught myself photography and image enhancing. I enjoyed what I was doing, and others also seemed to feel the same. Soon enough, I found myself being hired to take photos at special events and do Photoshop work for my clients.

Ahh, Myspace. Home of angst-y teens, edgy subcultures and my passion for web design. As I was playing around with Myspace back in the day, I began to realize playing around with letters and numbers could be more interesting than digital imaging.

That passion is what led me to take community college courses on web design, which then brought me to Mt Sierra College where I really learned how to strut my stuff. So thank you, Myspace.

Mt Sierra College is also where I learned the know-hows of interactive design. I worked on an app for musicians as a passion project, and my professor was impressed with what I had in a short amount of time. He recommended me to design apps for the school, and that's exactly what I did.

During the Spring of 2016, while still a student, I was hired to develop Mt Sierra College's. The App was ready for launch in the Google Play and Apple Market at the start of the Winter Quarter that year.





  • Citrus College 2010 - 2012
  • Mt Sierra College 2014 - 2017
    • Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Graphic Design

Work Experience

  • Graphic Designer & Web Developer, Pvpzone Las Vegas 2017 Winter - Present
    • Currently hire to developed, designed, and administer their website for Pvpzone and neighboring restaurant JackieBee.
    • My secondary responsiblilites are to create promotional materials and advertisements in digital & physical formats.
  • App Developer, Web Admin, Graphic Designer, & Project Coordinator, Mt Sierra College2016 Spring - Fall 2018
    • Main duties consisted of developing and designing the schools mobile application, posters, ads, brochures, videos, etc. I was the Marketing Department.
    • Secondary tasks were to work on the Mt Sierra's website by manually coding or using content management systems such as Wordpress and Libguides.
  • Web Designer & Developer Freelance for Fund for Wild Nature 2017 Winter - 2018 Summer
    • Hired by Fund for Wild Nature to develop and design their website.
  • Web Designer & Developer Freelance for Galapagos Preservation Society 2016 Winter - 2017 Winter
    • Hired by Galapagos Preservation Society to revamp and rebrand their website.
  • Web Designer Freelance for Vibes N Ventures 2016 Summer - Spring 2017
    • Hired by Vibes N Ventures to create, design and publish their website.
  • Web Designer Freelance for Monrovia Music Fest 2017 Spring - 2017 Spring
    • Tasked to remodel the website for the Monrovia Music Festival event
  • Graphic Designer, Mt Sierra College Learning Resource Center 2014 Fall - 2016 Fall
    • Created and Design advertisements, flyers, ID cards and infographics.

Software Knowledge

& Css
Javascript Git MySQL PHP Photoshop Premiere After Effects Illustrator Indesign
Html &
After Effects

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I can be reached through email, phone or social media.